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Box Questions

The following applies only to bi-monthly subscription boxes, gift boxes, and prepaid boxes. For online shop assistance & For assistance on individual shop products subscription, click HEREfaq.





LOVE GOODLY is a bi-monthly subscription box delivering vegan, nontoxic, and cruelty-free beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products to your doorstep every other month. You can read more about our mission and story here


What is inside the LOVE GOODLY box?

The Essential box will have 4 to 5 products (total retail value of $75+), and the VIP box will have 5 to 6 products (total retail value of $115+). Each box will have a mix of mostly full-sized beauty and/or skincare products as well as other non-beauty/skincare items such as healthy snacks, eco-style accessories or jewelry, and personal care/wellness items. 

PLEASE NOTE: Boxes will have mainly full-sized products with a possible mix of deluxe sample and/or travel-sized items. However, any other sample size products are a special bonus for you!


What type of boxes do you have?

You can select from four recurring subscription boxes. Free US shipping, and you can cancel anytime.

Essential Bi-Monthly Subscription
$34.95 every other month
VIP Bi-Monthly Subscription
$48.95 every other month
6-Month Prepaid Essential Box Subscription
$96.00 every 6 months
12-Month Prepaid Essential Box Subscription
$180.00 every 12 months

We also have four non-recurring box options. They are perfect for gift-giving or for trying us out! Shipping fee is applied at checkout.

Single Essential Box
$39.95 One Essential Box
Single VIP Box
$55.95 One VIP box
4-month Prepaid*
$66.00 Total of 2 Essential Boxes (one every other month for 4 months)
6-month Prepaid*
$96.00 Total of 3 Essential Boxes (one every other month for 6 months)

*If you are outside the United States and would like to purchase the prepaid 4 or 6-month box option, you must email before placing your order. Otherwise, we will contact you via email prior to shipping your next box. After the last box has shipped for the non-recurring prepaid option, you will not be renewed for another four or six months.


What is the difference between the Essential and the VIP subscription box?

The VIP subscription box has the same items as the Essential subscription box. But, the VIP box will always have one more full-sized beauty or skincare item valued at $35+, and will always have a total retail value of $115+


Can I change my bi-monthly subscription box from Essential to VIP (or vice versa)?

Yes, you can! Contact us at and we are than happy to assist.


Can I change my bi-monthly subscription box to the 6-month or 12-month prepaid subscription option?

Yes! Contact us at for more information.


Are all of the products vegan?

Yes! All products in our box and our online shop are always vegan, nontoxic, and cruelty-free. You can find additional values here.


Can I request a gluten-free only box?

While all items are vegan, nontoxic, and cruelty-free, we cannot guarantee that they are also gluten-free as it is not one of our core values. If you would like to know if the current or a future box is gluten-free, please email prior to purchasing or before you next box renewal.


Can I customize my LOVE GOODLY box?

We often give subscribers a chance to customize a color, shade, or style. In those cases, they will receive an email with the personalization survey link. The survey link will also be included in the renewal confirmation and new order confirmation emails. You can also stay updated by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Please do NOT include any customizations or personal preferences in the Order Notes. If you have any concerns about ingredients, please email


I am a subscriber, but I never received the customization link or email.

You must be subscribed to our newsletter (or give us consent to send you emails) in order to receive any spoiler and/or customization emails. Or, you can also email and we can add you to the list.


Can you tell me what's inside the box? 

We do not want to ruin the surprise for you! However, we do reveal at least one spoiler on our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter - prior to shipping.


I saw the spoiler and I don't like it. Can I swap it out for another item?

We are sad to hear you don't like the product! At this time, we cannot swap the product for another. If there is an issue with ingredients, please email Otherwise, you can always skip the box renewal.


Do you use recycled materials?

We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. The Love Goodly box itself is recyclable or can be re-used for personal use. It is responsibly printed and is FSC-certified. While we try to minimize plastic in every way, we do have some brands & products that may work with plastic.


We switched to a new platform! If you signed up before September 4, 2018, you must activate your account HERE.


To view your subscription information, login to your account and click on Manage Subscriptions (underneath your name) on the lefthand side. You will then have access to edit any billing and/or shipping information.

If you are having trouble logging in, please email as soon as possible. Please note that if you signed up prior to September 4, 2018 and use Paypal as your primary payment method, you will need to login through to access your subscription information.


To reset your password, click here and click on 'Forgot Your Password?' If you did not receive a password reset email, please check your spam folder; otherwise, contact us at

If you cannot remember the email address you used to sign up, contact us at


To update your payment information, log in to your account. On the left-hand side, click on Manage Subscriptions, then click on Billing Information and update the applicable fields. If you need assistance, you can also call 1-844-GOODLY3 (1-844-466-3593)


To change your shipping address, log in to your account. On the lefthand side, click on Manage Subscriptions and you will be brought to the Subscriptions section. Click on Edit (next to your previous/old address) and update the applicable fields. If you need assistance, please email 

ALL shipping addresses must be updated by the 25th of the month prior to shipping. Please find a detailed schedule below (you will also receive a courtesy reminder on the day of your renewal):

February/March Box January 25
April/May Box March 25
June/July Box May 25
August/September Box July 25
October/November Box September 25
December/January Box November 25

Any address changes made after the deadline and/or after your box has shipped, customers are responsible for forwarding the box to their correct address. You can view more information about forwarding your box here. Any replacement box shipped to new addresses require an additional shipping fee.



I am having trouble updating my address on my account!

We are sorry to hear you're having trouble updating the address! Please email and we will be more than happy to help. But, in the meantime, please follow these steps for a quick solution:

In the State dropdown menu, select another state and then re-select your correct state. Save the new information and it should be all set to go!


I updated my address before the deadline, but my account is still showing my old address.

We are sorry that happened! Email as soon as possible with your new address and we will get that fixed. 


My box is being shipped to my old address!

We highly recommend forwarding your mail to your new address. Click here for more information. Make sure to log in to your account to update your address for future boxes; or, you can email and we can edit it for you.

If you updated your address prior to the deadline and it was still shipped to the previous address, please email as soon as possible.


Why can't I view my order history?

Since we migrated to a new platform, your order history will not show any orders prior to September 4, 2018.

To view online shop orders history, it will be shown when you first login to your account. To view subscription box orders history, click on "Manage Subscriptions" on the righthand side and click on "Purchase History."

If you need further assistance, contact


How do I cancel my subscription?

Click here for more information about skips/cancellations.


When does my subscription renew?

Whether you subscribed to the Bi-Monthly Subscription or to the 6/12-month Prepaid Subscription, after your initial purchase, your renewal will always take place on the 28th - regardless of when you first signed up.

Please disregard the renewal date on your account; your renewal dates will always occur on the dates below:*

*If you purchased the 4 or 6-month prepaid box option (non-subscription), you will not be renewed after the last box ships. If you would like to continue to receive or send boxes, you can start a bi-monthly/6-month/12-month subscription or you can purchase another cycle of the 4 or 6-month prepaid boxes.



Your subscription will always renew on the 28th after the last box of your prepaid plan.

For example, if you initially signed up for a 6-month prepaid subscription on January 5, 2019 and received the Dec 2018/Jan 2019 box as your first box, your six-month subscription will renew on May 28, 2019 after 3 boxes have shipped.

Another example: if you signed up for the 12-month prepaid subscription on January 5, 2019 and received the Dec 2018/Jan 2019 box as your first box, your one-year subscription will renew on November 28, 2019 after 6 boxes have shipped.


I just subscribed and received my first box. Why am I being billed again?!

The following applies only to Essential or VIP bi-monthly subscribers only: 

All bi-monthly subscribers are renewed on the 28th -- regardless of when they first signed up.

For example, if you signed up on July 10 prior to our cut-off date and received our June/July box, your next renewal date is scheduled for July 28.

But, if you signed up on July 10 and we are sold out of our June/July box, your first box will be our August/September box and your next renewal date will be on September 28 for the October/November box and so forth.


When is the cut-off date to subscribe to receive the current box?

Our cut-off date is on the 15th of the month prior to shipping (i.e. Dec/Jan box cut-off is on Jan. 15, Feb/Mar cut-off is on Mar. 15, Apr/May cut-off is on May 15, etc.) -- BUT, the date may vary depending on when we sell out!

We highly recommend following us on Instagram to stay updated!


What happens if I cannot pay for my next renewal on time?

After your initial renewal on the 28th, the first attempt will occur the next day (i.e. September 29).

After your initial renewal on the 28th, our system will also retry the error charges the next day, and then on 6-day intervals up to 30 daysAfter 6 attempts, our system will stop trying to charge your account and your subscription will be cancelled.

If your payment has declined and you no longer want the box, you will need to email to fully cancel your subscription. Otherwise, our system will attempt to renew until it goes through or it expires.

You can always reactivate your subscription through your account or you can email


If you need to take a small break, you can skip your next box renewal or pause your subscription!


To SKIP the next box, just login to your account. Click on "Manage Subscriptions" on the lefthand side (underneath your name) --> Click on "Delivery Schedule" --> Then, click on "Skip" underneath the skip column.

PLEASE NOTE: You have until the 20th of the month before renewals (i.e. Sept 26 to skip the Oct/Nov box, Nov. 26 to skip the Dec/Jan box, etc.) to skip your next shipment before the Skip link is disabled until the 5th of the shipping month. Any skip inquiries received after the deadline will apply to the next box. 


To PAUSE your subscription, you will have to email Should you decide to pause your subscription, you must confirm how long you would like to pause your subscription for and confirm a restart date. Otherwise, we will pause your subscription for 4 months (aka 2 boxes).


To CANCEL your subscription, login to your account and click on "Manage Subscriptions" on the lefthand side. Click on "Subscriptions" and click on "Cancel" underneath "Actions." Or, you can also email to cancel your subscription!

Please note that the deadline to cancel is on the the 20th of the month prior to shipping (below is our detailed cancellation schedule). You have until the 20th before the Cancel link is disabled until the 5th of the shipping month. Any cancellation inquiries received after the deadline will apply to the next box.

PLEASE NOTE: Subscription cancellations made on the day of renewals, you are canceling just the subscription; you will still receive your last LOVE GOODLY box.

If you skipped or cancelled before the deadline but were still renewed, do not panic - email us at and we will look further into it!



You may cancel your subscription anytime before the next renewal. But, the deadlines still apply. For example, if your next renewal is on March 28, 2020 for the next batch of prepaid 12-month boxes, you will need to email us anytime before March 20, 2020.

If you decide to cancel your 6-month or 12-month prepaid subscription, you'll still receive the rest of your LOVE GOODLY boxes, but your subscription will not renew after the last box ships.

If you have any questions, please email



How do I cancel my subscription on my account?

To cancel your subscription, login to your account and click on "Manage Subscriptions" on the lefthand side. Click on "Subscriptions" and click on "Cancel" underneath "Actions."

Or, you can email to cancel your subscription.


I just cancelled my subscription! Why am I being billed again?

If you requested to cancel prior to the deadline, don't panic -- email and we are more than happy to look into it. If you happen to have an original email or message about canceling prior to the deadline, please forward it to us as well!

If you requested to cancel after the deadline, your subscription will be canceled after your last box ships. You will receive an email confirmation.


I was just renewed, but I do not want the box. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel your order as your box is reserved for you. But, we will have you noted as canceled before the next box renewal. 


LOVE GOODLY boxes are always shipped using USPS First Class/First Class International

We provide free U.S. shipping throughout the continental United States including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/DPO/FPO addresses, P.O. Boxes, and U.S. territories.

We also ship to Canada for an additional $16.00 USD shipping fee applied on every box renewal. 

UPDATE: We have a new shipping carrier for our Canadian customers! Not only will you receive your box faster (around 7 business days), but customs and duties are fully covered! Boxes will ship via FedEx and will be handed off to Canada Post for delivery. However, some boxes may be shipped through USPS; please refer to your tracking email for more information!


Boxes start shipping on or around the 5th of the month. Please refer to the table below for a detailed schedule. If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday, boxes will ship either on the previous or the next business day.

February/March February 5
April/May April 5
June/July June 5
August/September August 5
October/November October 5
December/January December 5


Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, APO/DPO/FPO, and US territory addresses*

Free shipping is included with your subscription box, but please note that it may take up to 30-35 days to arrive to you as we do ship via USPS First Class. If you would like to upgrade shipping to Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express, please email There will be an additional shipping fee per box renewal.

Shipping to Canadian addresses*

Boxes ship via USPS First Class International and have a flat shipping fee of $16.00 USD.

If you would like to upgrade your shipping method, please email (there will be an additional shipping fee per box renewal if you decide to upgrade your shipping method).

*FOR NEW ORDERS PLACED AFTER OUR CUT-OFF AND FOR CURRENT ORDER RENEWALS ONLY: We have a new shipping carrier for our Canadian customers! Not only will you receive your box faster (around 7 business days), customs and duties are fully covered! Replacement boxes/items are subject to a shipping fee.

After bulk shipping, all boxes will ship via USPS First Class International.

For example, if you are a new subscriber signed up between September 15, 2019 and October 1, 2019, your box will ship with the new shipping carrier via FedEx. Any new signups after the 1st will be shipped via USPS.



How do LOVE GOODLY boxes ship?

Orders placed or renewed between the cut-off date and the 1st of the shipping month (i.e. prior to October 1), your box will ship via USPS First Class/First Class International through our shipping partner, DHL e-commerce.

Any renewals or orders placed after the 1st of the shipping month, your box may ship via USPS within 1-3 business days.


How do I know which LOVE GOODLY box I am receiving?

It will be noted on the homepage and on your order/renewal confirmation email. Or, you can always email


When can I expect my LOVE GOODLY box to arrive?

If your box is shipping through our shipping partner (DHL e-commerce), please note that they collect, sort, and process your box before distributing to USPS. This may add an additional 1-10 business days from the day your box was processed to be delivered (i.e. if your box was processed on October 2, your box has an estimated delivery between 10/3 and 10/12 depending on your location).

For a more accurate status of your box, please enter your tracking number here (do not use the USPS website as it does not show any status updates until it's in the hands of USPS).

If your box is shipping directly via USPS, your box will arrive within 1-5 days depending on your location. You can track the status of your package on USPS's website here.


With our new shipping carrier, please allow at least 7 business days for your order to arrive. All boxes will initially ship via FedEx before being handed off to Canada Post for final delivery.


Can I get my box shipped to me earlier?

All boxes ship on or around the 5th -- we cannot ship any earlier. But, if you would like to have your box shipped after the 5th, please email to make arrangements.

If you would like a faster shipping service and upgrade to USPS Priority Mail/Priority Mail International or Priority Mail Express/Priority Mail Express International, please email before or after placing your order. There will be an additional shipping fee.


It says my box was delivered, but I haven’t received it.

Sometimes USPS prematurely marks a package as ‘delivered’ before it physically arrives to you. Please wait at least 1-2 more business days. If you haven’t received your box after 3 business days, please contact as soon as possible.

Any undelivered/missing boxes reported more than one week after the noted original delivery date, please email for further assistance. Please note we cannot guarantee boxes can replaced as stock levels are limited.


I received my box, but it is missing an item!

Please email within 1-2 business days upon receiving your box and we will ship one more replacement item. Any missing products reported after more than 3 business days, we will do our best to replace but cannot make any guarantees due to limited inventory.


ALL SUBSCRIPTION, PREPAID, AND GIFT BOX SALES ARE FINAL, non-refundable, and ineligible for return.

If there is an allergy issue, product consistency issue, or if there is an error in your shipment, please contact and we will assist you further from there.


If an item arrived damaged while it was in transit, email info@lovegoodly.comwithin 24-48 hours upon receiving your box. Please include an image of the damaged product as well as a brief description.

Any damaged items reported more than two weeks after you received your box, we will do our best to replace but cannot guarantee due to limited inventory.


If you received the incorrect color, shade, or style, please note that we do our best to fulfill customizations. However, it is not guaranteed that you will receive your request -- all custom requests are fulfilled while supplies last. Please contact for further assistance. 


Customers are responsible for all return and exchange shipping fees. 


You can view our LOVE GOODLY Gift Collection here.



  1. After adding the item to the cart, enter your gift message in the message field prior to checking out.
  2. After clicking "checkout" and creating your account using your email address (you will receive the receipt, order confirmation, and tracking number), please enter the recipient’s shipping information and click "continue."
  3. Enter your billing information and payment method, and click on "place my order."
  4. The buyer will then receive an email confirming your gift order or subscription.

We will include your gift message inside the first box, and the buyer will receive an email with tracking once shipped.

If you would like the gift recipient to gain access to your account, you can change the email address on the account after placing your order. Or, email us at and we are more than happy to assist. 



To purchase an online gift card, click here and select the value you would like to gift.

After checking out and creating/logging to your account using your email address, enter your billing information and continue to payment method (using your card or Paypal information to complete the process).

After placing your order, you will receive an email to view the gift card code.

You can forward the email to the recipient and include your personal gift message; or, you can click on ‘View Your Gift Card’ to print out the code to physically hand to the recipient. We do not mail physical gift cards.



The online gift card code will be emailed directly to you. If you would like for the recipient to receive the gift card, you must forward the email to her (or, you can print it out to hand to them in-person).



To redeem the gift card, please enter the gift card code in the “Gift Card or Discount Code” field on the right-hand side (the code is not case sensitive). After it is applied, the amount will be reflected (the gift card will also cover the shipping fee, if applicable).

If there is a balance due, it will be reflected in the total amount. If there is no balance due, the total amount will be seen as $0.00 and it will note that your order will be covered by the gift card.

You can view your gift card balance by logging in to your account; or you can email for assistance.


If you would like to use your gift card for a bi-monthly subscription, a prepaid 4,6,12-month box, or the single essential box, email prior to placing your order. Please include all digits of your gift card code, and we will followup with more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

The recipient wants to manage her gift subscription. How can she do that?

If the recipient would like to manage her gift subscription, she will need to login using your email and password credentials. From there, she can change the email login and password to her own. Email for further assistance!

Can I have the recipient’s box arrive by a certain date?

Yes, you can! Please email to make arrangements. Please note that we cannot ship boxes prior to the 5th of the shipping month.

Can you email the recipient the tracking number and my gift message to her once her box ships?

Yes, we can! Just contact us at with her name, email address, and gift message. We will reach out to her with a personalized email message and her tracking number.

Can you cancel my gift subscription after a specific number of boxes?

Yes! Just email and we will take it from there.

Can I order multiple gift boxes for large party/corporate gifting?

Yes, you can! Just email and we are more than happy to arrange that for you.