Letter To Subscribers

Dear Lovelies,

Five years ago we started Love Goodly with a vision of bringing our non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan products and brands to a community of women. 

It’s with true happiness that we announce our merging with NOVICA, an ecommerce marketplace that supports artisans around the world. The concept of LOVE is core to the missions of both NOVICA and Love Goodly, so it is a perfect fit.

Not only is NOVICA a female co-founded company like us, they also support global fair trade through a model providing fair wages to artisans and give back to causes that include microloans, in partnership with Kiva, and empowering women with their many female artisans. Their dedication to giving back and making a difference matches ours. And their offices around the world from Bali to Brazil, provide exciting global opportunities. 

Our Love Goodly box will continue uninterrupted. We are already shipping from our Love Goodly / NOVICA office in Santa Monica, CA. With this new partnership, Love Goodly will be able to expand our brands and offerings. All Love Goodly orders (both subscription box and online shop) are now shipping from our parent company's headquarters in San Antonio, TX!

Our team members will remain the same, including Nicole, our Ecommerce Manager, and Vik, who helps with fulfillment and merchandising. And both co-founders Katie and Justine will continue to help grow Love Goodly, as we are committed to you, our loyal customers. We are excited about the growth of Love Goodly, now as a division of NOVICA!

Please check feel free to email us with any questions at Thank you for being a part of our growing family :)

Warmest regards,

Justine +  Katie and the Love Goodly Team 💜