Meet Jimmy the Snout

Justine Lassoff

Posted on May 18 2016

Meet Jimmy the Snout

Jimmy is just one of the many animals given a second chance at Farm Sanctuary.


At LOVE GOODLY we like to practice what we preach. That's why it seemed like a no-brainer to adopt an animal living at Farm Sanctuary - one of our charity partners! 


According to Farm Sanctuary, "Jimmy the Snout ... belonged to a homeless man who surrendered him to Ventura Animal Control. While [they] don’t how the man got Jimmy, they did know that he had atrophic rhinitis - a bacterial disease which causes inflammation and atrophy of the nasal tissue and like in Jimmy’s case often deforms the snout of the pig. Pigs with this disease require special care and they are often killed by farmers, who see them as an economic loss." 
At LOVE GOODLY we don't see him as a loss at all - we love the character his crooked nose gives him!
While we all decided that Jimmy is probably not destined for life in our office in Downtown Los Angeles, he's only an hour's drive outside of the city and we're able to visit him as  much as we want! (Be prepared for the assured onslaught of pictures!)

Jimmy's favorite food is bagels and we're told when he's not eating, he loves cuddling with his favorite blanket and making new friends that come to visit him at Farm Sanctuary. 
You can learn more about Jimmy and his friends here and check out Farm Sanctuary's website here

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