Guest Editor: Top Youtube Vlogger, Cornelia Grimsmo!

Justine Lassoff

Posted on March 04 2016

Guest Editor: Top Youtube Vlogger, Cornelia Grimsmo!

Meet Cornelia. Photo: Instagram @grimcorn

While you're wearing green and hunting down four-leaf clovers this month, LOVE GOODLY is here to bring you a guest editor who knows a thing or two about creating your own luck. Her beauty and brains may have you thinking that she's just #blessed, but actress, model, and vegan advocate Cornelia Grimsmo is completely responsible for her own mega success as a vegan social media personality, and she recently put in the work to add a new title to her belt: author. 

Cornelia's e-book “How to Build Your Inner Home” is a culmination of the big-sisterly lifestyle advice that brought her to YouTube fame, and created a loyal, ardent fanbase across Instagram, Tumblr, and beyond. So put down that leprechaun and read on while we chat with Cornelia about her favorite things, the best thing that's happened to her this year, how she feels most confident, and what makes her feel lucky.

Best thing that's happened to you this year?
-"It's not about what happens to you, but what you make happen for yourself - I finally published my first e-book!"

What do you want to happen to you this month?
-"I want to move back to LA."

Cornelia spends her time between LA and Norway. Photo: Instagram @grimcorn

Three things that are always in your bag? 
-"My phone, some kind of fruit or energy bar and a notebook."
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Two things you always splurge on?
-"Food and scented candles."
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I can't get enough of
-"Videos of baby animals being cute."

Cornelia with her dog Sunday. Photo: Instagram @grimcorn

What is your perfect meal?
-"Lots of veggies, noodles and sweet chili saus -YUM!"

What makes you feel most confident?
-"Being aware of my core values. Turning vegan made me more confident. It doesn't matter if people judge me, cause I know living a vegan lifestyle makes a difference for the better."

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What makes you feel lucky?
- "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I'm making a choice to work hard and put myself out there every day. Having that choice makes me feel lucky."

You may recognize Cornelia from our Eco Beauty Brunch, where she shared with us her favorite gifts to give and receive: The Cellar Door Tokyo Citrus Candle, and the Dogeared Curved Tube Necklace!

While visiting, she also had her makeup done by green beauty expert and author of "The Green Beauty Rules", Paige Padgett.


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