8 Comfort Foods That Are Surprisingly Vegan!

Justine Lassoff

Posted on November 24 2015

8 Comfort Foods That Are Surprisingly Vegan!
Around the holidays, it's perfectly natural to miss Mom's home cooked meals! But what you have in your vegan arsenal that Mom might have been missing is the benefit of time and the proliferation of new and improved vegan options that comes with it, which have the same traditional flavor as the family recipes. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and so many other celebrations in quick succession after that, why not up your vegan meal game?
Grab a snack (this list will make you so hungry), and let's go through a list of eight comfort foods that are surprisingly vegan!    
1.) Diaya Cheezecake  --  so rich and creamy, you don't even know it's not the real thing!  
2.) Gardein Turkey Cutlet --  perfect for your Thanksgiving, especially when paired with mashed potatoes.  
3.) Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavored Squares --  a cheesy cracker, something that has been unavailable to vegans until now!    
4.) Diaya Cheezy Mac -- creamy like Velveta Mac and Cheese,  but KIND and much healthier!   
5.) Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs  -- missing Cheetos? Try these! You won't miss them anymore!  
6.) Beyond Meat Homestyle Tenders -- great for a quick snack or full-blown meal component, even for the pickiest of eaters in your life.   
7.) Veggie Grill- Savory Kale Caesar Salad  --  vegan Caesar salads are hot right now, and this dressing nails it! Plus you get all kinds of good protein, especially if you add the vegan grilled chicken.   
8.) Kettle Brand Chips Jalapeno chips -- these are so spicy and you won't believe they are vegan! 

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