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Made in USA Cruelty Free Vegan Non-toxic

A flower-infused oil cleanser that provides a deeper, nourishing cleanse beneath the surface of the skin. Made completely of organic plant oils that boost collagen and deliver vitamins your skin needs to thrive.

Key ingredients include Calendula known for its healing properties and is gentle for all skin types (even for those with sensitive skin), Rosehip to exfoliant and brighten your skin for a fresh vibrant look, and Jojoba to soothe and help prevent breakouts.

Suitable for all skin types, even for those most sensitive skin!


1 oz / 30ml


A cleansing oil can be used in two different ways:

1) Apply a few drops to clean, dry hands and rub gently onto your face as is, focusing on areas with blemishes or where you are wearing makeup. Next, take a hot (but not too hot!) towel and leave it on top of your face for a minute to let the steam break up the dirt, oil, makeup, etc. Gently wipe the oil away as you remove the towel, but be careful not to tug or wipe too hard especially around the eye area. Repeat if necessary! When finished, follow up with a serum and moisturizer.

2) Apply a few drops to clean, dry hands and rub gently onto your face as is, focusing on areas with blemishes or makeup. Next, emulsify the cleansing oil with warm water, again focusing on blemishes, removing makeup, SPF, etc. Then take a water-based face wash for an even deeper double-cleanse. Do a final rinse with warm water, pat dry, and follow up with a serum and moisturizer.


Natural scents from the oils and flowers may occur.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil*, Calendula officinalis flower*, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil*, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil*


About Liplove

Have you thought about what is really in your makeup and skincare products? At Liplove, they've got you covered with blends that are all natural, organic, and made from the Earth's finest plants. No additives, here - just pure goodness for your skin.

Founder and formulator Latrice was inspired to start Liplove after taking a close at her lipstick. Since 2018, Liplove has been on a mission to not only enhance your outer beauty but also leave you feeling inspired in your soul. At Liplove, let your true authentic beauty shine wherever life takes you.

Liplove is a woman-owned, Black-owned beauty brand made with love in Texas.

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