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Cruelty Free Vegan Non-toxic

Not all facial rollers look the same! The appearance of the stones may not look exactly like what is pictured.

Experience the rejuvenating power of the Jade Facial Roller.

By gently massaging your skin with this beautiful stone massage roller, you can help improve blood circulation and oxygen supply (resulting in improved skin elasticity), stimulate lymphatic drainage (reducing puffiness and sagging around the cheeks and eyes), and help release any stiffness and tension in your facial and neck muscles (leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized).

But that's not all! Jade also harnesses the power of negative ions, known to enhance cell metabolism and counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by modern devices. It's like having a protective amulet against the stresses of today's world.

Combined with face masks, serums, moisturizes, and face oils, pamper yourself with this luxurious self-care tool and experience a transformation in your skincare routine like never before.


This roller is both easy to use and feels super smooth on skin. Gentle steady pressure is all that is needed! Lightly grasp the roller close to the brass part on either end as shown.

Keep your wrist close to your face when you use this tool; you do not need to press hard or roll swiftly to feel relief. Can be used daily - in the morning and evening.


Rollers can be hand-warmed before use or popped in the fridge a few minutes prior to rolling for an extra cooling effect used cold to re-invigorate a sore and tired face.

About Zoe Ayla Beauty

Zoë Ayla Beauty Essentials was founded by Zoë Ayla Roukema in 2017. Along with her brother, they had a clear vision and purpose in offering high quality beauty essentials at fair market value. Their family-run business now consists of a diverse team from four different continents and offices in Montreal, New York, and Amsterdam and warehouses in Canada, Europe, and the US.

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