Inside the June/July 2021 Box


Posted on July 16 2021

Inside the June/July 2021 Box


We carefully curate each LOVE GOODLY box with healthier products, always vegan, nontoxic and cruelty-free beauty and skincare that you can use every day. Click here to learn more about banned ingredients.

The June/July box shined the spotlight on Delia Organics, a woman-founded brand based in Canada focusing on the cleanest and effective skincare products for all skin types. Vegan, Nontoxic, Cruelty-Free, Made in Canada, Handcrafted, Gluten-Free, Natural, Eco-Friendly.

The Essential box features 4 full-sized products with a total retail value of $103+; and the VIP box features 5 full-sized products with a total retail value of $128+


Dew Drops Serum with Avocado Oil and Bergamot, $34.80

A favorite with our June/July 2020 VIP subscribers, we had to bring it back for all of our subscribers to enjoy! This lightweight, balancing oil delivers essential hydration, fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants to the skin, which results in a healthier-looking complexion. Dewy skin never looked so good. With daily use, you will notice an even complexion, hydrated skin and that natural, healthy glow.


Dose of C Eye Magnify with Organic Reishi and Centella Asiatic Extract, $26.99

A cooling eye gel delivering a perfect balance of moisture, protective, and restorative properties: helps condition, smooth out, and soften the visual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the skin's performance without affecting the delicate eye tissues, aids in taking away puffiness and inflammation, and provides the right amount of hydration.


Facial Spritzer with Clary Sage and Niacinamide, $20.99

Spritz your skin with hydration throughout the day. Infused with Vitamin B3, you will notice a change in skin tone, texture and hydration with continued use.


The Lip Pout Creme with Almond Butter and Peppermint, $20.99

Blend of butters for a hydrating and softening benefit to your lips, and a touch of peppermint for an instant cooling effect. Naturally provides nourishment to your lips with a soft texture that melts once it hits your lips. Does not come with the pink scoop!

Please note: Due to the nature of the ingredients, we suggest storing in a cool place and out of direct heat. If your cream melts due to heat, throw it in the fridge to solidify. The consistency may also change with temperature. Since there is no wax in it, the ingredients may result in a grainy texture; however, once it is applied to the lips, your natural body heat will melt the product.



The Face-tini Mask, $25.00

Loaded with fruit acids, this face mask will give you the hydration you deserve and also provide a gentle, yet powerful exfoliation! Dead and pore clogging skin cells are eaten away and replaced with new, plump and ready-to-face-the-world skin cells that make your face glow and feel soft and supple.


This face mask is very active - you may notice after your first few uses, your skin will look red, and you may feel a tingling sensation. This mask stimulates blood flow and also provides a surface exfoliation. Do not mix with other BHA/AHA masks and if you find you are extra sensitive, after first use, use a thin layer in a weeks time.


A picture may say a thousand words, but we can’t possibly convey the quality, taste, and feel of these products. Want to try them for yourself? You can purchase the June/July 2021 Single Box here; you can also click on the product links to shop individual items.

Or, sign up for the Love Goodly Bi-Monthly Subscription here and receive the Aug/Sept 2021 Box as your first Love Goodly box!

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