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Love Goodly June/July 2021 Box



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Cruelty Free Vegan Gluten Free Non-toxic

Delia Organics was founded by Alicia Brunton with the idea to enhance natural beauty & get skin to the highest form of health it can be. All of their products are crafted to help individuals with different skin concerns. These truly active products create a positive reaction in skin without irritation or fillers & many see results after their first try!

The June/July Box shines the spotlight on Delia Organics, all vegan, nontoxic, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made in Canada. The Essential Box features 4 full-sized skincare products (total retail value of $103+), and the VIP box features all four items plus one more full-sized skincare item (total retail value of $128+). 


The June/July VIP Box is pictured.
The Essential Box does NOT come with The Face-tini Masque.




Regarding the Lip Pout Crème, Since there is no wax in it, the ingredients may result in a grainy texture. However, once it is applied to the lips, your natural body heat will melt the product. And, due to the nature of the ingredients, we suggest storing in a cool place and out of direct heat. If your cream melts due to heat, throw it in the fridge to solidify.

Regarding The Face-tini Masque, it is very active - you may notice after your first few uses, your skin will look red, and you may feel a tingling sensation. This Masque stimulates blood flow and also provides a surface exfoliation. Do not mix with other BHA/AHA masks and if you find you are extra sensitive, after first use, use a thin layer in a weeks time.