Inside the April/May '23 Box


Posted on April 24 2023

Inside the April/May '23 Box

We carefully curate each LOVE GOODLY box with healthier products, always vegan, nontoxic and cruelty-free beauty and skincare that you can use every day. Click 
here to learn more about banned ingredients.

This month's April/May Earth Month Box is another self-care routine in a box... this time feature our skincare and wellness picks! End the day with this face mask/polish routine while caring for your body with a healthy and tasty wellness beverage shot.

The April/May Essential Box features 2 full-sized skincare items, 2 eco skincare tools, and a deluxe-sized wellness beverage sample with a total retail value of $77; while the VIP Box features the same items from the Essential Box plus one more full-sized skincare item with a total retail value of $113.



Using your NOVICA Teak Wood Bowl + Spoon, combine a small scoop of the Moringa Mask Powder with an equal amount of water, floral water, or a liquid mix-in of your choice. Stir with the spoon and, using the RAEKA Beauty Face Mask Applicator, apply the mask to freshly cleansed face.

Sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes (take a sip of your Toutalou Immunity Wellness Shot while waiting!), and thoroughly rinse the mask off with lukewarm water. Pat dry and follow up with 1-2 drops of the Only With Love Rose Elixir.

If you have the VIP item, alternate using the RAEKA Beauty Illuminating Turmeric Polish in place of the face mask no more than 1-2 times a week. 



Rose Face Elixir by Only With Love, $25 value

A dreamy face serum made for everyday glow! Formulated with a blend of calming oils, infused with organic rose petals, and charged with the healing and self-loving powers of amethyst. Also features bright sweet orange, a powerful antioxidant with a burst of nutrients and Vitamin C.

Moringa Mask by True Moringa, $24 value

Treat yourself to nourished, balanced skin with this superfood blend sourced directly from True Moringa's family of farmers throughout Ghana. Moringa Seed Powder and Kaolin Clay gently purify and detox, while Aloe and Moringa Leaf Powder moisturize and restore essential nutrients for beautiful, healthy skin.

RAEKA Beauty Pro Mask Applicator, $12 value

An eco-friendly skincare applicator is specially tailored for facial skincare application. Use this applicator to apply face masks, scrubs, or polishes. You can also use the applicator to scoop into your almost-empty skincare jar or bottle so nothing goes to waste!

NOVICA Teak Wood Bowl + Spoon, $10 value

Handmade wood bowl and spoon by Indonesian artisan, Rian Kusuma. Crafted with teak wood (one of the most beautiful and durable natural woods), this handmade bowl has a natural matte finish and showcases the beautiful, rich patterns of the grain. Use this bowl to mix your face masks without the mess!

Bonus - this bowl is also food-safe! If you prefer, you can use the bowl and spoon to hold and serve your spices, condiments, sugars, salts, etc.

Toutalou Immunity Wellness Shot, $6 value

Your body needs a combination of harmony, energy, and balance, but there are numerous external factors in life that can throw off this balance. The Immunity Wellness Shot is formulated with a proprietary blend of the highest quality natural roots, herbs, and berries that help provide you with a natural boost, enhancing your digestive tract, strengthening your respiratory system, and supporting healthy kidney function. Your body will thank you!


RAEKA Beauty Illuminating Turmeric Polish, $36 value

A gentle, deep cleansing scrub that targets pores and soothes skin. Turmeric is known to help reduce wrinkles and appearance of breakouts, while walnut and oat powder gently exfoliate dead skin cells and excessive oil to reveal younger looking skin. You can alternate using this face polish no more than 1-2 times a week in place of a face mask!

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