Guest Editor: Renata of Lipstick Angels

Justine Lassoff

Posted on August 15 2016

Guest Editor: Renata of Lipstick Angels



LOVE GOODLY is honored to introduce guest editor Renata Helfman, formerly a celebrity makeup artist and natural products advocate, who started the nonprofit Lipstick Angels in 2012 to use the power of beauty to transform and heal. She has made it her mission to bring beauty, compassion and human touch to cancer patients.

With the help of professional makeup artist volunteers, Lipstick Angels provides complimentary beauty services using with nontoxic beauty products to patients receiving chemotherapy at three different LA-area hospitals, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA.


Why did you start Lipstick Angels?

I saw a need that was not being addressed and I knew in my heart that it would be my life's journey to fulfill it.

What is your mission?

 To restore dignity and hope to those fighting cancer.

What is it like working with women who are going through cancer treatment?

It really puts everything in perspective. It is truly amazing to witness the immediate happiness, hope and beauty you create when you connect with a patient who is so grateful. 

What is the most inspiring part of your job / nonprofit?

 Our volunteers inspire me every single day. To make a commitment to be of service and show up rain or shine is something I respect more than anything.

 What was the most challenging thing about starting your nonprofit?

 Raising the funds to support our work was the most difficult aspect of starting our non-profit, but I soon learned that being confident in yourself and your mission is conveyed to others who share your vision and they, in turn, contribute financially.

 What advice do you have for other wanting to promote a cause or make a difference? 

 Believing in your cause and having the passion to persevere against all odds, is an absolute necessity. Having a fire in your belly is a true gift .

 What is the best advice you've ever received?

 There are NO dumb questions.

 Name 3 people you admire or are your heroes and why?

 1. Dan Pollota- He wrote a Ted talk ­­called “the way we think of charity is dead wrong” He is challenging and informing the world that our understanding of charity is the very thing that is holding it back from making a difference. It is the underbelly of how I think, love, communicate and direct Lipstick Angels – it is a MUST SEE.

 2. My grandmother – A survivor in every sense of the word. Not only did she beat cancer several times but she was also a Holocaust survivor. I remember taking her to her radiation appointments; she would look impeccable and apply a fresh coat of lipstick in the car right before we entered the hospital. That always stuck with me, now I see why.

 3. Angelina Jolie - I am constantly in awe of this brave beautiful woman. It is clear that Angelina walks the walk and gets her hands dirty in all that she conquers. An educator, humanitarian and mother to so many. In world where a celebrity can have a voice that is impactful, she certainly uses it.

How do you stay balanced in your life?

This is an ongoing struggle for sure but I have found these 5 things work for me.

- turn off all devices at a reasonable hour

- read a fantastic book

- exercise

- laugh

- love


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