Crystal Essence Pomegranate Natural Deodorant

Justine Lassoff

Posted on January 08 2016

Crystal Essence Pomegranate Natural Deodorant

Perhaps you’re new to the natural deodorant conundrum. You’ve heard about aluminum in antiperspirant and parabens in conventional deodorants. You want to get that bad stuff out from under your arms, but you’re afraid you’ll sweat through a natural deodorant and smell not-so-pretty during a heavy workout or a hot date.


Ladies, we feel you.


Read on for advice from your gal pals here at LOVE GOODLY about staying fresh as a rose (or pomegranate!) while steering clear of those harmful chemicals.


We searched high and low for the best natural deodorants on the market. Our current fave? Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll-On in Pomegranate. It controls wetness and has a crisp, delicious scent that doesn’t overpower but really works to combat stink. Ask any of your old-school natural beauty junkies and they’ll tell you: Pomegranate Crystal is the bomb.


But they’ll also tell you this: Natural deodorants just don’t control wetness as well as antiperspirants. To block it out completely, you have to coat your pores with potentially carcinogenic chemicals. With natural deodorants, you need to re-apply every few hours to keep things fresh.


And it helps to remember that sweating proves your body is detoxifying properly. That’s a good thing!

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