Cruelty Free Makeup | Not Tested on Animals


Posted on December 31 2018

Cruelty Free Makeup | Not Tested on Animals

Do you know if the makeup you use is cruelty free?

It's easy to go to your local Whole Foods and shop for fair trade chocolate, non-dairy milk, or organically grown blueberries, but it can be hard to find information about your beauty products. 

At Love Goodly we love our furry friends. All of the cosmetics and skincare we offer are always cruelty free and vegan. This means that the brands we carry do not test on animals and contain no animal ingredients so are 100% vegan.

Beauty brands do not need to disclose if they test on animals making it very hard to know when purchasing if beauty products are actually cruelty free or not. Cruelty free products are manufactured without harming or killing animals, especially skincare or beauty that do not test on animals. The world is slowly turning away from animal-testing, which are often painful and cause the death of millions of animals every year, and towards alternative testing methods.  As a sign of progress, by 2020 any cosmetics or ingredients tested on animals will be illegal in the state of California.

However, many beauty product brands in our local U.S. drugstores and department stores still use animal testing. These tests commonly include rabbits, mice, rats and guinea pigs inhaling or being exposed to chemicals that cause unnecessary mutilations and suffering. Although The Humane Cosmetics Act was introduced in 2014, there is still no U.S. national law banning animal testing on beauty products.

Cruelty Cutter is a free app you can scan your products barcode to check if it is cruelty free. Cruelty Cutter has every company in the "Leaping Bunny" and PETA lists and thousands more.  The nonprofit Rescue + Freedom Project, one of Love Goodly’s cause partners, created this app to help consumers shop cruelty free.

All of of the brands Love Goodly carries are cruelty free and many are certified cruelty free and vegan. Products with these labels meet the cruelty-free standards set by each organization.

The Leaping Bunny by Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) (international)

Leaping Bunny began with the creation of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), 8 national animal protection groups, such as Humane Society of the United States, coming together for the protection of animal rights. The Leaping Bunny Standard is also internationally recognized and partners with animal protection groups in Canada and Europe. They have created the cruelty free makeup standard, strict background testing including third party manufacturers to assure that all cosmetics are not tested on animals.

PETA Certification by PETA (USA based)

PETA is one of the most widely recognized organization in the United States dedicated to preventing animal abuse. You can find beauty brands listed in PETA’s cruelty free and vegan shopping guide, a database of companies who are dedicated to the humane treatment of animals.

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