Behind the Brand: Orglamix

Justine Lassoff

Posted on January 18 2017

Behind the Brand: Orglamix


We've all felt like a one-woman show at one point (or many) in our lives, and Orglamix founder Cheri Tracy is no stranger to the feeling. Running Orglamix all on her own, growing it from Etsy eyeshadow shop to a full-fledged e-commerce store with over 600 offerings, Cheri is our go-to gal for tips on how to really have it all. We were so impressed with this all nontoxic, vegan, cruelty-free line, hand-crafted in small batches, that we curated Orglamix in our February/March 2017 box.


What inspired you to start Orglamix?

I was on bed rest with my daughter. I was so bored one day, I stated googling the ingredients for every product in my makeup bag. I was appalled that my "natural" foundation contained 47 ingredients. The majority of products contained cheap fillers, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, petrochemicals, phthalates, etc. I was determined to make a better product. I started with the basics and launched 12 shades of eyeshadow on Etsy. They sold out within hours. It confirmed that other people were looking for the same thing, I wanted: clean beauty products.


How do you balance work and family? Any tips for our readers?

This is a constant struggle for me. Since I love hard work and what I do so much, I'm happy working 16 hour days. It's not healthy. As a mom and an entrepreneur, the struggle is real. I work and volunteer at school, work lunchroom, make beds, wash and fold oodles of laundry, homework, dinner, sports, etc. I used to be in a constant state of 'overwhelmed'. Over the years, I've learned to embrace the chaos and compartmentalize things. I work on one challenge or project for a short period of time. I focus and get as much done in the scheduled time. When the time is up, I close the compartment and move on. I've learned to give myself grace. Perfectionism is evil. I remind myself sometimes 'good' is good enough. I also think it's really important to schedule daily me-time -- even if it's only ten minutes.


What is the most challenging part of your business?

Saying NO! I'm a people pleaser. I want to make everyone happy. I want to do everything and not miss out on any opportunities. This leads to a struggle with anything that derails my focus. I'm improving. I've learned that saying NO to something today, doesn't mean NO forever. It usually leads to be big YES in the future.


What is the most fun part about your business?

I enjoy everything; from working on the website and packing and pulling order, but my passion is creating new products and colors. I also get a lot of joy chatting with customers.  


Which of your products is your favorite?

My top three favorites: #1 Illume Luminizer for a gorgeous glow that never looks overdone. #2 Whole Grain Self Adjusting Foundation. It feels like you're not wearing foundation and smooths fine lines, blurs shadows and imperfections, so skin glows with good health. #3 Azeliac Acid. I created this for my twelve year old daughter who was dealing with spot acne and seborrheic dermatitis around her nose. She was so self conscious. We tried every treatment under the sun; including a $300 salve from the dermatologist and $200 gel from her doctor-- nothing helped. After using this for a few days, I saw big improvement. I started using it. I feel my skin is brighter and clearer.


What is the importance of clean beauty for you? for the company?

Many personal care and beauty ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA. The majority of products we apply to our skin is absorbed by our bodies. For many chemicals, a single exposure is unlikely to cause serious harm, but over time, small doses add up. It's important to educate yourself on ingredients. Read labels. Buy cruelty-free.  


What is your daily routine (or maybe first thing you do in the morning)?

The first thing I do in the morning is meditate. I use this cool app called HeadSpace. If I don't use it my mind goes a million miles a minute.


Favorite food?

My favorite food is anything my husband cooks. I especially love when he makes brussel spouts or potato and cheese perogies. Wine. Does wine count?

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