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Balade En Provence Aluminum Travel Case



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Sustainable Production Cruelty Free Vegan Non-toxic

2-in-1 aluminum travel box allows you to store your Balade En Provence bars, and is a perfect travel case to take with you to the gym, on business, or on holiday. Made of rustproof aluminum, sustainable and ecological, allows for storage in the shower and protection while on the move.

This versatile box consists of three parts. The drip tray detaches for use in the shower and its design allows water to drain away from your bars and air to circulate, so your bars stay dry between uses, keep their shape and last longer


SIZE 101.1mm in length x 69.8mm in width x 36.17mm in height

Made in France

HOW TO USE Just open the box and place your bar(s) in the box and close it.


Made of rustproof aluminum


A waste-free organic cosmetics company manufacturing sensorial beauty bars for hair, face, and body. The founders were surprised to discover that most shampoos, shower gels, and other liquid skincare products contain more than 80% water, chemical preservatives, and plastic packaging. So they decided to do something about it.

Products are handmade and contain rich, natural and ethically sourced ingredients such as French green clay, rosehip oil, grape seed oil and coconut oil. They are also certified organic, vegan and packed in waste-free, 100% compostable boxes.

Their mission is to #MoveToSolid. Most liquid personal care products contain more than 80% water, chemical preservatives and plastic packaging. Balade En Provence's mission is to replace your liquid products with solid products that are rich, natural and environmentally friendly alternatives to these liquid products.


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