PLUS ULTRA Brush, Smile, Repeat Bamboo Toothbrush (set of 2)



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Fair Trade Sustainable Production Cruelty Free Vegan Charity

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes!

The handle of the PLUS ULTRA toothbrush is sculpted from bamboo, a sustainable resource that is both durable and inherent with antibacterial qualities that protect from germs and mold. The toothbrush head is made of soft, nylon bristles, which promote optimal dental health and gently massages gum lines while the wave-shaped bristle design cleans difficult-to-reach areas.

About Plus Ultra

Founder and CEO Christina Ramirez created the company’s debut product, a biodegradable, dentist-approved bamboo toothbrush, in response to the global plastic pollution crisis and with a mission to eradicate the billions of plastic toothbrushes that are thrown away each year.

To date, Plus Ultra bamboo toothbrushes have saved more than 1,500 tons of plastic from entering our landfills and oceans, and are sold in 300+ stores across 32 states at conscious retailers such as Whole Foods, Thrive Market, Erewhon, Natural Grocers, Vitamin Cottage and more.

Rooted in sustainability, eco-conscious production, and philanthropy, Plus Ultra creates eco-friendly common-sense products that support positive change and serve the greater good.

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