Inside the Aug/Sept 2022 Box


Posted on August 24 2022

Inside the Aug/Sept 2022 Box

We carefully curate each LOVE GOODLY box with healthier products, always vegan, nontoxic and cruelty-free beauty and skincare that you can use every day. Click here to learn more about banned ingredients.

Our August/September Box features a skincare curation focus on hydration! It's perfect for the summer as well as transitioning into the Fall season.

The Essential Box has three full-sized skincare products and two deluxe sample-sized beverages with a total retail value of $67, and the VIP Box contains the same items as the Essential Box plus one more full-sized skincare product with a total retail value of $89.



Three Ships Hydrate Almond Oil Serum, $28.00 value

Contains nutrients like essential fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-9, Almond Oil helps soften skin texture, maintain the skin's lipid layer so it retains moisture better, and promotes healthier and softer looking skin. This facial oil-serum also contains Pumpkin Seed Oil (abundant in anti-aging and antioxidant nutrients) and Vitamin E (an antioxidant preventing cells from premature aging due to sun damage).

After cleansing and applying your face cream, apply 2-5 drops onto your skin morning and/or night. Instead of water, you can also mix this oil-serum with your clay mask to enhance your mask experience and give your skin extra hydration. Suitable for multiple skin types, especially friendly for those with normal/balanced or dry skin.

Three Ships was founded by Connie and Laura who started to make their own skincare formulations inside their Toronto apartment. Their goal is to be the most effective, transparent, natural beauty brand in the market - their collection of products is formulated and developed with natural, 100% plant-derived ingredients that are clinically-proven as well as skin-loving that deliver the best results. Three Ships also donates a portion of all sales directly to Make-A-Wish.

Vegan, Nontoxic, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Sustainable, Made in Canada, Women-Owned, Gives Back.


True Moringa Shea & Moringa Balm, $24.00 value

This full-sized, multi-use balm is formulated with a luxurious blend of wildcrafted shea butter and moringa oil to leave your skin nourished and glowing. A little goes a long way - apply a pea-sized amount to lock in moisture, deliver intense hydration to dry skin, and nourish scarred skin and stretch marks. Made with only two ingredients - Shea Butter and Moringa Seed Oil.

Please note that the balm is highly sensitive to temperature - it may be grainy when it's too cold or super runny when it's too hot. We recommend storing in a room temperature area away from direct sunlight. To bring back the balm to the texture you want, you can "warm" it up by massaging the balm or tube with your hands or you can leave it inside the refrigerator for a few hours for it to solidify. Suitable for multiple skin types, especially for those with dry skin.

True Moringa is a Black-owned natural, affordable skincare and wellness brand powered by the superfood moringa tree. Founders Kwami and Emily work with 5000 small farming families in Ghana to cultivate and produce the brand's natural ingredients. They have planted over 2 million moringa trees, have increased farmers' incomes by 4-10 times, and is the home to the largest solar-powered irrigation system in West Africa.

Vegan, Nontoxic, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable, Woman Co-Owned, Gives Back. Calm Lavender or Refresh Cucumber Mist, $9.00 value

You will receive one of the two mists.

The Calm Lavender Face Mist soothes and calms skin, reducing the appearance of redness while hydrating your skin and creating the appearance of a balanced complexion. Calm is suitable for multiple skin types, especially friendly for those with normal/balanced, sensitive, or dry skin.

The Refresh Cucumber Mist awakens, revitalizes, energizes, and tones the skin thanks to the cucumber and aloe vera combination, which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Refresh is suitable for multiple skin types, especially friendly for those with normal/balanced, oily/combination, or sensitive skin.

Shake before use, hold it 10 inches away from face, neck, or hair, and spritz generously. Recommended for use after cleansing (before applying serums or moisturizers) or you can use any time throughout the day when you need a pick-me-up. was founded by Julissa, a licensed cosmetologist and beauty product developer. Her goal is to provide clean and beneficial handmade formulas that are made with simple, natural, and good-for-you ingredients. is Vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified, and Made in the USA. The brand is also Gluten-Free, Woman-Owned, Handmade.


Tea Drops Hibiscus Glow and Green Tea Matcha Drops, $6.00 value (not available in our online shop)

You will receive one of each deluxe-sized tea samples.

Hibiscus Glow is an aromatic, organic, fruity-blended herbal tea that is naturally caffeine and sugar free. Hibiscus tea is a known natural treatment with skin-loving nutrients to help increase skin moisture, reduce fine lines, correct dark spots, control breakouts, etc.; it's also full of antioxidants and Vitamin C to help boost your immune system.

Unsweetened Matcha Green Tea is an earthy and gentle way to kick-start your day or when you need a pick-me-up! Matcha has a whole slew of healing benefits such as improving heart health and boosting alpha waves in your brain, and is also rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and chock full of vitamins and minerals.

Just dissolve the Drop in boiling water! To make an iced beverage, fill your glass with 1/3 or 2/3 hot water, dissolve and mix the Tea Drop, add a couple of ice cubes, and then fill the rest of your glass with cold water; you can also make a tea latte by adding your favorite plant-based milk instead!

Please note that you will notice some finely ground tea leaves may be left at the bottom of your cup - that is completely normal and these plant-based fibers are meant to be consumed! Simply dissolve by adding a bit more hot water and swirling cup gently or, if you're not a fan, you can also filter them out.

Founder Sashee started Tea Drops in 2015 when she was looking for an environmentally-friendly and convenient yet high-quality tea experience. With their more eco-friendly packaging (Tea Drops sheds 15% less waste than traditional tea bags), Tea Drops has become a favorite among new and experienced tea drinkers alike! And with every box they sell, Tea Drops donates a year's supply of clean water through the Thirst Project - they have built four water wells and donated enough clean water to support over 167,232 individuals... and counting!

Vegan, Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher Certified, Gluten-Free, Made in USA, Woman-Owned, Gives Back.



EqualRXN Mushroom B5 Toning Cocktail, $22.00 value

This essence-like liquid toner is formulated with a cocktail of ingredients to provide hydration, calm skin, and support your skin's barrier. Key ingredients include Green Tea Extract (known for its antioxidant, calming, anti-aging, and oil-balancing properties), 3 Mushroom Complex (reishi, meshime, and chaga which contain skin nutrients to support your skin's health), and Cica Complex (which protects your skin from environmental stressors and helps brighten your skin).

After cleansing your face, saturate a cotton pad with the toner and gently sweep over face, neck, and upper chest morning and night. Follow up with your choice serum. Suitable for multiple skin types, especially friendly for the oiliest, driest, or most sensitive of skins.

Tip from EqualRXN: You can also decant the toner into a spray bottle and spray it onto your hair after washing; the formula can also help balance oil production, moisturize and strengthen hair and scalp, reduce itchiness, calm the scalp, and also has the potential to reduce hair loss!

EqualRXN (pronounced as "equal reaction") was founded by a team of chemistry, skincare, and beauty industry professionals to bring back skin equilibrium: creating formulations aimed to maintain and improve skin health at its roots, treating all skins sensitively. They are a science-powered brand focusing on using the best ingredients possible to compose gentle and effective formulations that are effective and affordable.

Vegan, Nontoxic, Cruelty-Free, Made in Korea.


A picture may say a thousand words, but we can’t possibly convey the quality and feel of these products.

Want to try it for yourself? Click HERE to purchase the Aug/Sept Single Box! If you sign up for the subscription HEREyou will receive the Aug/Sept Box which ships until September 15 or until supplies last.

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