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Pixie Mood Jana Passport Wallet (More Colors Available)

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Sustainable Production Cruelty Free Vegan

Passport holder with 5 card slots, pen holder, and zipper pocket at back. Available in three colors - Navy Blue, Taupe, Ash Plum (purplish-gray).

Please note that some passport wallets may have an indentation (see last three images); this does not affect the use of the wallet. While we will do our best to find and ship the wallet with the least or most subtle indentations, it is on first come, first served basis.

SIZE 1-cm x 1.7-in x 8.6-in

About Pixie Mood

At Pixie Mood, they believe that style doesn’t need compromise. Styles can be trendy, functional and socially responsible, all at the same time. They obsess over making great bags, including the little details that make them awesome, and design with their customers’ needs first and foremost.

Founded in 2010, Pixie Mood continues to find the most socially responsible ways to look good while feeling great.

Pixie Mood loves animals! They make it their top priority to create products without harming any furry friends with fun and fashionable alternatives to leather and fur. There is always room for fashion with compassion! Committed to sustainability and source the most innovative, and eco-friendly materials. Cruelty-free, Vegan. 

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