LOVE GOODLY 6-Month Prepaid Essential Boxes (3 Boxes / Non-Subscription)

$106.00 $119.85


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Cruelty Free Vegan Non-toxic

The first box is the April/May 2023 Essential Box - starts shipping the week of April 5

The April/May 2023 Essential Box will have a mix of skincare, wellness, and lifestyle items with a total retail value of $77.


 2nd Box

June/July 2023 Essential Box

Processes on May 28
Starts shipping the week of June 5

3rd Box

Aug/Sept 2023 Essential Box

Processes on Jul 28
Starts shipping the week of Aug 5


Join a movement for a cruelty-free, healthier lifestyle and receive 6 months of Love Goodly Essential boxes. Save $13.85 when you purchase the 6-Month Prepaid Boxes - a total of 3 boxes shipped every other month within 6 months. 

THIS PREPAID 6-MONTH BOX PLAN DOES NOT AUTO-RENEW. If you would like to receive or send more boxes, email and we are happy to extend your 6-Month Prepaid Box Plan!

Looking for the previous Love Goodly Box? Click here to purchase a past Love Goodly box.


If you are planning to purchase more than one Prepaid 6-Month Box plans for multiple recipients, you must place each order separately (even if it is going to the same address). 

Love Goodly boxes are shipped as is with NO additional ribbons or bows. If you are sending this as a gift, you can request to have the first Love Goodly box wrapped in plain Kraft paper - just email immediately before or after placing your order.


There is a flat US shipping fee of $11.85 applied at checkout ($3.95 per box).

At this time, we have paused shipping our bi-monthly subscription boxes and prepaid box plans to Canada; however, you can still purchase the Single Essential or Single VIP Box to ship to Canada. Current active Canada customers are not affected.

If you are interested in purchasing this Prepaid Box Plan to ship to Canada, please email and we're happy to assist.

Return Policy + Box FAQs

All Love Goodly Box sales are final. Click here for our Box FAQs.

Please Note

At this time, we have paused offering our recurring Prepaid 6-Month and 1-Year Recurring Subscription Box Plans. Any current/active Prepaid 6-Month and 1-Year subscriptions are grandfathered in and will continue to auto-renew every 6 or 12 months on the 28th until you skip a box cycle or cancel your subscription.

If you'd like to know your next renewal date for your prepaid subscription, email and we're happy to let you know.

If canceled, you cannot reactivate the same prepaid subscription; you will have to sign up for the bi-monthly subscription or purchase the non-recurring Prepaid 6-Month or 1-Year Box Plan.

Click HERE for more information.